Studio Openings

My talented friend and studio buddy Patricia Lane will be leaving the studio soon to open her own studio at her new home - boo hoo! I will miss you lovely lady, but you don’t get rid of me that easily, heh heh.

I have decided not to continue with the monthly Open Studios, but instead will open my studio by request, just give me a quick call or text and if I am in residence then everyone is welcome to pop in for a cuppa and chat, no obligation except to bring me a big cream cake :-) If you want to come at a specific day or time then I am happy to make an appointment to be there.

Studio 12

The Clocktower Business Centre

Works Road



S43 2PE

Mobile 07762 194356

My studio is easy to find, from the front main entrance of the building Studio 12 is the first door on the right` If it is cold the door will be closed so please knock loudly as I may be listening to music and dancing around with my brushes and palette knives :-)

Looking forward to seeing you in 2019