Lynn Presland is an artist based in Derbyshire, England. Working in acrylic and pastels she draws inspiration from the magnificent landscapes, the endless skies and the beautiful villages that can be found nestling amongst the Derbyshire Dales. Her earliest memories are of holding a brush; she brings an entire lifetime of experience and artisanship to her trade.

Lynn has been working and exhibiting for over twenty years, nurturing a restless spirit of innovation as she constantly explores new techniques and styles to better realise her visions. In her commissions and exhibited pieces the true spirit of our countryside can be glimpsed – a breathtaking autumn sky melting golden over windswept heaths, a secret garden overgrown with wildflowers; a sleepy summer lane winding into the haze.


Leabrooks Gallery solo exhibition Sept 2015 and 2014
Derbyshire Open arts in 2012, 2013 and 2014
Harley Gallery at Welbeck open exhibition in December 2012.


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