Art and Makers Festival Cromford Mill

This coming weekend (7th and 8th July 2012) I will be exhibiting at the Art and Makers Festival at the Arkwright Mill at Cromford.  It is to be a celebration of local artists and their work, with lots to see and do for the whole family.  I will be upstairs in the Derwent Room, hopefully warm and dry away from the forecasted rain (really?? – Rain??)  So come along, have a cup of tea in the tea room and we will all be very happy to see you!

This painting is from a photograph I took a couple of years ago in Bodnant Gardens, Wales.  I loved the way the light just caught the ground between the trees and highlighted the trees in the background.  I put lots of colour into the shadows to bring them to life, and I feel that I achieved the feeling I had when I was in that place.

Bodnant Gardens in acrylics